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Some pictures from our last tour

2013-12-07 – Live @ TurMik festival

Credits: Luca Montevecchi

Cortile Cafe` – Festa dell’Unita` Bologna

Credits: Anna Minguzzi

PropheXy @ Giardino – credits: Anna Minguzzi

Credits: Anna Minguzzi (thank you!)

PropheXy @ Giardino


Credits: Massimiliano Grassi (thank you!)



Alessandro Valle

Photo credits: Anna Minguzzi

PropheXy live @ Casa 28

PropheXy live @ Crevalcore

Photo credits: Anna Minguzzi

Live @ Arsiero

We Love Vintage

Live Gallery: Arte/Nativa @ Perla

Photo credits: Anna Minguzzi

Live report: Arte/Nativa @ Cinema Teatro Perla

Photo credits: Anna Minguzzi

Live report: Queen Valley, Frosolone

Live report: Blogos

Live report: ExProg

We had a great time, thanks to the superb organization and to all the other great bands!

Live report: PropheXy @ Omaggio Demetrio Stratos

We wanna thank all the bands and the ODS staff, it was a great night!

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